Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Pinch an a punch for the first of the month. Traditionally this was the last summer month you did not eat pork!! May, June, July and August were pork free months according to my grandmother.

Find sunny but windy morning, laundry in the machine, hung out and dried, just needs folding.

DB fell again in the garden this morning, I am sick of him using any crap wood he can find for edging, he has fallen in the same place before, said wood is now in the bin!! I also had a go at him about leaving the hosepipe in a mess on the floor, I caught my foot in it when I was hanging the washing out, something else he needs to sort pdq. I need to source one of the things you fit to the wall to wind it onto.

Monday clean done this morning, I scrubbed the wet room floor with the deck brush, it looks so much better, could not believe the muck I got off it. Finished it off with the new mop. I do actually need DB to take about 3" off the brush handle, its rather long.

Finished off the soup from the weekend for lunch, cheese pie with baked beans tonight, already prepped, just need to reheat it in the oven later. I will dice up the remaining 2 nectarines and have them in the meringue cases with some cream, they were very nice last night. Fruit bowl is almost empty, just some apples left.

Tidied up the sewing room, I have some stuff to put away but its all neatly folded waiting, no longer strewn all over the place. I am going to sit and read this afternoon......well thats the plan.


  1. You prepare some amazing meals. Put me to shame. Actually I dont cook my partner does it. Hes away today so left me with instructions on oven time turn on what to put in.....

  2. You've certainly accomplished a lot today!

    Hope DB takes your words to heart because there is nothing worse as having unstable things underfoot or waiting to trip you. Perhaps at his tender age DB should have a 4-prong cane to use the help him stay on his feet in the garden ... or a zimmer frame?

    It's HOT and sunny here but there is plenty of shade from the trees and, surprisingly, the breeze from the woods is cool.

    This arvo I ran errands so I'm resting before I go vacuum next door and make another quiche. The folks may come to look at the house Thursday pm but there has been no confirmation about that yet.



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