Thursday, 31 August 2017


I sold the machine!!! I had offered it to a friend who I knew was looking at embroidery machines, she emailed last night to say she wanted it......woo hoo........ just need to sell the accessories now.

Waiting to hear if she is going to come and collect it............

A brighter day, quite sunny but by the afternoon there is a distinct coolness in the air. It was really cold last night, so this afternoon I have lit the fire for a bit of warmth.

Shopping at Aldi this morning, I was brave and left DB here on his own, he was ok. I have decided that shopping once a month is too much, so I will be going once every two weeks after the end of September, the bags are just too heavy. It means dividing the menu list in 2 but thats not really a problem. I collected some bits for my neighbour across the road as well.

We had a water main fracture in the village yesterday, water was pouring down the lane for about 6 hours, such a waste, it appears to have been repaired, but there is such a large hole in the road, the water pressure has blown up the surface of the road, no idea when that will be mended.

The builder came this afternoon and repaired the crack under the toilet window, he thinks it was a result of the bathroom being altered last year, he has cleared out all the old cement  and a broken brick and repaired it.

Supper tonight sausage and mash with veg from the garden. DB is picking fruit, there may be enough rasps for a small dessert.

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