Thursday, 24 August 2017


Another day another dollar. Had a reasonable night, I fell alseep watching TV last night.

DB started his new medication last night, this morning he vomited his breakfast!! Not sure about this, will see what happens tomorrow morning. He was bending down in the garden. To say I am fed up is putting it mildly, this is not how I expected to spend my retirement.

I have to go into Melton for some shopping, will make sure he is ok in bed before I go, he has instructions not to get up until I get back. Hopefully I will only be out just over an hour.

I have ordered my first delivery from Muscle food. I have looked at the site a few times, they had a good offer on today, I have decided to give them a try, I know several people who use them for meat.

Computer chappie came yesterday, he is having to update the Bitdefender remotely, it would not accept it yesterday said it was a day too early.......I have to check later. He also took me off DB's laptop to give him a bit more space, he has also suggested that I get an electronic hard drive installed rather than the mechanical one that is in it now. He thinks the laptop will last a good few years then.

Its been a fine day so far quite warm just a bit of a breeze.


  1. So glad you had a better night's sleep and felt like running the errand to Melton. Hope DB behaved himself and stayed in bed until you returned.

    Is nausea and vomiting a side effect of DB's new medicine or should he perhaps take it after meals so it has food to land on?

    Hope the food from Muscle is tasty. I find that a strange name for a food company, tho! :)

    Bother about the laptop and computer annoyances.

    Happily, we have much cooler weather today with it currently merely 79*F and sunny.

    More HSTs are on the horizon for my afternoon.


  2. I feel you frustration with your husband's health issues. It always takes me several days to adjust to new meds. I've had to learn that sometimes there are just things I have to learn to live with (no complaining) and accept that I'm not 30 years old, anymore. I think that it is wonderful that you two stay as active as you do...and you seem like lovely, vibrant people. I love to read about your garden and your lifestyle. Take care of yourselves!!


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