Thursday, 10 August 2017


Woke to a fine morning, so laundry out on the line first thing.

DB had breakfast in bed, got up about 9.30 went back to bed at 11.30.......brilliant.....Phoned and re arranged our visit out for tea tomorrow, they are coming here, apparently there is a birthday cake involved. Our trip out for afternoon tea has been cancelled.

D came over and between the two of us we moved the sentry box into its new position and then emptied everything from the shed onto the lawn. It is now all packed away and the shed empty. I forgot to keep out the tin with the screwdrivers in, I will need to find it DB wants his spade hangers taking down. All the cup hooks have been removed and are in the drawer in the kitchen. It will be about 6 weeks before the new shed is put up, then everything has to go back........

Laundry is almost dry, I need to tackle the ironing from Sunday though.......may be this afternoon.

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