Thursday, 17 August 2017

That was the night that was!!

7pm last night after supper DB retired to bed and slept the clock round and more.  He did get up for breakfast but was soon back in bed. I phoned to speak to the Dr. She phone about 11.30 and has taken DB off the medication, he has to take codeine for his a trip to the chemist to collect his new medication. We have to ring tomorrow to see what the blood test says.

Another night I did not sleep well, I did manage a nap this afternoon after lunch, but only for a short while. A council workman woke me hammering on the door, we had reported that there was a crack under the toilet window, it is going to get repaired.

DB was still sleeping when I went out to the chemist, he managed to wake up long enough to have a cup of tea and eat a donut. He is still awake now, how long for is another matter.

It had rained overnight, but after breakfast the sun came out and it has been a lovely day, not that I have seen much of it.

I am hoping for a better night tonight, the medication should have cleared DB's system and maybe the codeine will clear the headache.


  1. Goodness me! DB should be well-rested after all of that sleep. It's good he's now off of the medicine that has caused the intense drowsiness. Hope the Codeine does relieve the HA at last.

    Wishing you a good night's sleep tonight as you surely need it.

    3 of the library books I got early this week will go back, 2 of them unread. I'd heard their author was a good writer but this is a new series for her and these two first books in the series are ridiculous fluff IMHO. I read the 3rd book, a debut mystery, and the person who went missing in chapter 4 was never found, the mystery unresolved at the end of the book so that was unsatisfying. How do these things get published?

    Am still cutting squares and sewing up HSTs. I need 560. Yikes again!


  2. Time for these doctors to wake up and do an MRI or a CT Scan. Talking to doctors today is like pulling teeth! Prayers DB is sorted soon. I know he has to feel bad and his health wears on your health. :(

  3. Goodness. One doctor says this and another says that. Not sure how you cope. Take care x


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