Sunday, 6 August 2017


A good drying day, I hope, sunny with a decent breeze.

After our usual Sunday breakfast I stipped the bed and put the washer on. the sheets etc are now blowing on the line and I hope they will be dry soon.

DB has cleared out the coal house, I need to order some coal before the price goes up, he chucked out a load of soft sided pots, we have hundreds of the things, all sorted into pot sizes. Next is to start sorting out and emptying the shed.

We finished off yesterdays quiche with cucumber and tomato salad and hm bread for lunch, chicken tonight for supper, I also made a strawberry jelly and put some of our frozen strawberries in it to have for dessert.

The courgette is going daft, our neighbour at the back was cutting down the hedge, so I handed over 3 courgette and a home grown cucumber, they bought me a bag of apples during the week, I have them to peel and freeze.

No plans for this afternoon except to read whilst DB has his siesta. I need to sort out the library books, the van comes tomorrow afternoon.

DB is still suffering with headaches, we have the chiropodist coming in the morning, once he has had his feet done he is going to the Drs. We have an open surgery in a morning so he will be seen.


  1. It sounds as if you and DB have both accomplished a lot today and hope you're pleased with your accomplishments!

    Rain is in our forecast for tomorrow, too, so I also stripped our bed and those sheets are in the washer.

    I've wound two bobbins with purple thread and threaded the sewing machine with the same purple thread. Now I am about to mark the backs of purple cotton 3.5" squares so they can become HSTs. I need only about 600 HSTs for this 80"x60" quilt. Only???!


  2. Mmm , Quiche , You have just reminded me , I have not cooked one for ages , Guess waht i will be doing this week lol xxx


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