Saturday, 19 August 2017


I woke about 2am this morning, freezing DB had wrapped himself in the duvet and kicked the quilt off the bottom of the bed. It was after 4am before I managed to get back to sleep.

We were very late getting up, it was 10am before I managed into the shower. DB has been up for about 2 hours, had most of his lunch, now back in bed asleep. I had hoped that the medication would have worked out of his system by now.

Courgette, green beans and french beans picked this morning, took some green beans over to my neighbour, did some for our supper as well. I have some belly pork slices, I am going to cook them slowly in a casserole for supper.

The grass needs cutting, when D gets back from the caravan I will get him to do it for me. I really need to get into the herbaceous border and do some weeding and cutting back, the lavatera is taking over the border and the grass. I also need to get the trellis for the back of the house and start training the clematis onto it. The base for the first shed in the garden also needs prising up and the ground leveling a bit. I need to see George.

Its a fine, but a stiff breezy day, I have the quilt from the back of the settee on the line having a freshen up, I could do with taking the cover off and washing it. I have to put it back on damp so it stretches, do not know if my hands would manage it.

There is constant noise on the lane, tractors going up and down getting the rest of the harvest in before the weather changes, there are signs of an early autumn, its cold first thing and in the evening when the sun goes down, it was 11c this morning when I got up to get the breakfast. The village children have started attacking the chestnut tree by the Doctors, the nuts are not ripe enough yet although the leaves seem to be falling.

Quite a few of the local fields have been ploughed and appear to have been sown with a winter crop. The leeks in the garden are bulking up, so leek based soup on the cards. We had leek and potato soup at lunch with hm bread.

No sewing done, cannot concentrate whilst DB is under the weather.

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