Saturday, 5 August 2017

Quiet Day

DB was complaining of a headache this morning, he had fallen asleep on 4 pillows, not surprised, when he got in the shower and let the hot water run on his neck it went.

We were not fast getting up, DB decided yesterday he was not going to the Presidents day at the bowls club, so sent an apology,  we are spending a quiet day. He has been out and mowed the grass in the back, but thats all. I decided just to shove the dyson over the sitting room carpet and clean the kitchen.

I had done beetroot yesterday in the pressure cooker, it has been sliced and bottled, enough for a 2lb and a 1lb jar, we will be having some at supper time with a quiche.

We had a slight shower of rain this morning but by lunchtime it had cleared and the sun was out.

No real plans for the rest of the day, DB will go for his siesta, I might go and do some sewing, see how I feel.

I did end up doing fish and chips last night just after 7pm DB said he was peckish and fancied F & C so I cooked.

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