Monday, 21 August 2017


Thank you for all your messages yesterday, it was kind of so many of you to contact me.

Before I start, I wish to make something clear, in the UK you do not pay for ambulances, they carry trained paramedics who can deal with an emergency and stabilize a patient before removal to hospital, they also carry out tests eg ECGs.BP stats levels.

We are 30 miles from the nearest hospital that has any information on DB's conditions, no way would I take him in the car. I never go in the ambulance with him, I cannot get back from the hospital especially on a sunday. I usually phone when I know enough time has lapsed for him to have at least been triaged.

We have to pay for car parking at any of our hospitals and the cost is astronomical if you are forced to park for more than a couple of hours. 

The hospital phoned me to update me on his condition, they had run a series of blood tests chest X Rays etc, he was waiting for a CT scan. They phoned later to say he was being sent home, all the tests had been satisfactory and transport was arranged. He arrived home just after 8pm. He still has the headache, he has to see our GP on Wednesday if it persists. He still has it this morning!!

He knew when he got home I was not happy, One of these days he will cry wolf and I will ignore him.........

We both slept, I had taken medication to make sure I did not lie awake, was up to the loo at 3am apart from that it was just after 8 when I woke up.

Its a grey morning, the bed has been stripped and is on the line, we are forecast rain, I hope it dries before it comes. Monday clean has also been done. DB has potted up some plants that arrived over the weekend, one hour strictly observed.....he is now reading a book on his tablet. After lunch he will go for his normal nap. I might then put him in the car and go up to the hospice to drop off some things for the shop.

Sliced the lamb, have done some more veggies so we will have yesterdays roast dinner today. DB pick raspberries, we have enough to have for dessert.

Several phone calls this morning, people concerned about DB, especially my neighbour who has just lost her husband, not so concerned about DB but about me which was kind of her.


  1. He knew when he got home I was not happy, One of these days he will cry wolf and I will ignore him......... Shame on you !!

    1. You have no idea of the amount of stress that DB generates, I have been living on my nerves for the past 27 years, read back through my blog.......then I will expect an apology.

    2. Sorry but you will be waiting a long time.; I have nursed my hubby through Parkinsons for years and would never say that.

    3. Parkinsons is entirely different to my husbands problems, you might never say that, but I do, it would be so easy, after years of sending for ambulances etc to just ignore him. Any one who does not live with him does not realise the stress. Please do not read my blog again, I can do without negaivity

  2. Well, as annoying as the worry was, those tests will paint a picture of DB's internal workings as of yesterday that might help with an eventual dx. if there is really something wrong. Am glad he's okay and that today is perking along on your normal schedule.

    Today the solar eclipse is due to go overhead, clear sky permitting, we may see some of it tho it won't be a complete eclipse here.

    I hope to sew two blocks together for the HSTs quilt but may just cut squares, pair them up, and mark them as I didn't sleep well last night.

    Big hugs!

  3. Why were you not happy when he came home?(Genuine question)I would have been so pleased that all tests were ok.
    Regards to you both.

    1. I was pleased that the tests were ok, but he made me look a complete fool. He did not tell the hospital the full story, they had to ring me to find out why I asked for him to be seen. The paramedics were keen for him to go in and be checked. If they did not think it necessary they would not have taken him.

  4. Calling the ambulance under the circumstances was for the best. Shame they didn't keep him in and get to the bottom of his headache.

    Glad you got a better nights sleep. Good luck with getting some satisfaction from his GP on Wednesday.

  5. To add to the above Ann, you have your own health to consider, you're not well yourself with your heart condition, there is no point in getting yourself all stressed and making yourself ill - you'll be no good to help Edwin if you're ill yourself.
    Also why shouldn't you call an ambulance when Edwin needs one - you and Edwin have worked long and hard and more than paid into the NHS which is a damn sight more than those that have just jumped off the back of a lorry and expect to be given everything
    Hope the Docs get his headache sorted out soon - take care of yourself xxx

  6. Glad he is ok. But your stress levels will be through the roof. x

  7. Hang in there.
    Very stressful times for you.
    Take care.

  8. Don't get upset with the judgmental comments. Sometimes, people just don't get it. They haven't lived your life. Perhaps they've had easier lives, or are younger and haven't really lived at all. Maybe they're unmarried. Who knows.

    I took care of my spouse recently after open heart surgery and it was absolutely knackering, both mentally and physically. Lots of sleepless nights add up to heightened stress and exhaustion so I hope you are able to get that much needed rest.

    I hope DB improves and gets rid of that headache.

  9. Its endless isnt it , with Mr BHs head scans coming back clear theyre a wee bit baffled , theres clearly something very wrong he has the symptoms of a stroke for a few hours or minutes , without the stroke , were not sure how long it will take to see the Neurologist but it may be a while .
    People think im quite callous about it but its terrifying all the time and we get by with some pretty black humour that others look on in horror at . Yesterday he was hobbling behind me in the hospital carpark shouting " Thats it leave your poor cripple to struggle" its more of a case of I darent be to close when he tumbles because he grabs for me and i go down as well

    1. LOL I like your hilarious attitude!! The spouse and I share our 'gallows' humor as well because what else can you do. My spouse was given a bovine tissue heart valve to replace a diseased one and every so often he starts mooing .... in public. :D


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