Monday, 7 August 2017


Yesterday was a bit of a washout.

DB announced at lunchtime his headache was getting worse, more medication at the required time. After supper he was still complaining so I made him ring 111. We got a Dr at midnight, tension headache, paracetamol and codiene......duly taken, he slept all night. I was awake until after 2am.

He got up this morning, at 9.15 he had a dizzy which is still going on at 11.30am. Now what do I do? 

No Monday clean done, CBA it will have to wait. I am swithering whether to ring our GP and ask for a home visit see what he has to say. I feel it has been going on too long and bearing in mind his medical history I feel it needs looking into.

Will report back later.

I gave in and rang our GP,  DB could not lift his head off the pillow. She confirmed that its a nasty attack of vertigo. She put in a script which I collected after lunch, within 30 minutes he was sitting up......the medication is for travel sickness, he can only take it for 5 days before I have to reduce the dose until he is no longer taking it. The headache and dizziness have both gone.

DB requested the chicken with veg. I picked french beans, so beans, carrots and potato's. The rest of the strawberries in jelly for dessert, possibly with ice cream.


  1. Dearie me! Hope all is well with DB and that it's just one of those annoying but not dangerous headaches. It's wise to have him checked out so you know what is going on.

    I used to have migraine headaches occasionally but alway kept a few codeine pills at home so I could take one promptly if I had the visual disturbance that preceded the headache.

    Take care of you, too. I'll check back later.

    Big hugs!

  2. Hope DB is feeling better. My late father-in-law suffered for many years with dizzy do's. The drs said that it was vertigo. It must be very frustrating for you. Take care/ kathy x

  3. How wonderful that the motion sickness med. worked so well and so quickly, too! That does seem to point to an inner ear that's out of whack in some way.

    Dinner sounds yummy as does your dessert!

    Hope the rest of your day has been pleasant and included a Nana nap if you needed it.



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