Friday, 25 August 2017


Another bad night last night, DB was fidgeting for England, I was wide awake by the time he dropped off.

Seems ok this morning, I made him sit down for an hour after breakfast before he went out into the garden. He picked beans, raspberries and blackberries. He has also dug up some more spuds. He says his headache is a bit easier........

I have done nothing this morning apart from read, will be having a rest on the day bed when DB goes for his siesta.

I need to defrost the small freezer, I am expecting a delivery from Muscle Foods next week, it will all go in the small freezer in the kitchen. There is not much in it now, I should be able to get it in the other two freezers and leave that freezer free for the delivery.

Fish and chips for supper, we will have the rasps with some ice cream.


I did go into the sewing room and had a couple of hours sleep, DB was up when I came through. I really do not like sleeping in the day, I always feel really weird when I wake up, I must have needed the sleep though it was 3.30 before I woke. Hope for a better night tonight.

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