Friday, 4 August 2017


I put towels in the washer overnight, so they were ready to go out when I got up. DB brought me breakfast in bed this morning. He managed to fall again in the garden this morning, I am very fed up.......his dizzies are back too, not as bad as before but there never the less.

I drove over to my quilting friends this morning, we had lunch, smoked salmon sandwiches, yummy.....and then cake topped with raspberries and fresh cream.

DB took his tablet and went into the sitting room to read whilst we chatted.

Decent journey home, the traffic was not too bad all things considered. It has been fine and sunny most of the day, rain was forecast but never arrived....the towels dried and have been folded and put away.

No supper tonight we are still full from lunch. We will have fish and chips tomorrow night, DB has cancelled presidents day, so we will be here for supper.


  1. How wonderful the weather and traffic were clear enough to make your trip to see your friend a pleasure. Nice, too, that your towels dried while you and DB were away. :)

    Dearie me, DB will just have to bite the bullet and use a cane or walker when out in the garden so as to be steadier and to have a means of getting himself back up, too. Is his gait starting to shuffle rather than picking up his feet?

    This morning I actually cut 12 squares destined to be the first HSTs for DS2's quilt so that's a start!


  2. the joys of partners that are always tumbling , i think i could write essays on that one , he does say im very unsympathetic , no, i just wish he woundnt wander around when hes feeling dizzy

  3. I know you have been dealing with DB's dizzies for a long time and this has probably been checked already. But, my brother-in-law has menieres and when he has attacks the symptoms are similar to the dizzies.


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