Monday, 28 August 2017

Bank Holiday Monday

Not a holiday in our house everything goes on as normal....... Monday clean done, had to unblock the toilet yukk.... thankfully it did not take much, have given it several flushes to make sure its clear now.

DB out in the garden, says his headache is slightly better, it will never be gone until the nerve un traps itself.....still moans about not being able to keep awake...........I am hoping we do not have to wait too long before he gets an appointment for the neurologist.

I had a reasonable nights sleep....woke a couple of times but dozed off again.

Its a bright morning, there was a distinct autumnal chill in the air this morning, the skies are blue and the sky divers are out again, we have an old airfield about 6 miles away, the planes circle round us gaining height, sometimes we get to see the divers jump and start floating down.

I had beef stew in the freezer, so will have that tonight with veggies. The muscle foods delivery is due tomorrow, so I have turned the defrosted freezer back on, it will all go in there. I guess we will be eating a fair bit of chicken in the next few weeks. Some of their other meat is quite expensive, will keep my eye out for offers.

I need to sort out fabric to line a different type of bag, it will take longer to make, its more complicated than the usual bag I make, will also look out the pattern for the Christmas wall hanging, that will be it for the fair, what I do not sell will be presents. I am then going to concentrate on putting the Ohio star quilt together and get it quilted by a long arm quilter. After that apart from small things that will be it, I will start to clear out all my fabric etc and gradually turn the sewing room back into a bedroom.


  1. You've certainly had a busy and productive day today and I imagine a delicious easy dinner from your freezer is just perfect!

    I wonder if you'll find you really miss sewing for pleasure if you divest yourself of your fabrics. I cannot imagine doing without making quilts of various sizes and you know the delight I've found in making small wall quilts. Perhaps your creative imagination would also enjoy making small quilts to use seasonally or for holidays, on the wall or as table toppers? That might be worth considering.

    We're enjoying a slight chill in the morning air, too, and I am ready for autumn! It does make me intent to turn more HSTs into finished blocks tho!


  2. Do you not need the therapy of creating, having me time? You do such lovely work.

  3. Glad that you are sleeping better. Will you not miss your sewing, you are very talented and make lovely things.


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