Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Another bad night

I think I am going to have to sleep in the sewing room for a few nights, its getting ridiculous, it was after 4am again before I got off to sleep. 3 hours is just not enough. DB slept all night and spent most of it snoring....................

Blood test at the surgery this morning and then into Morrison for some shopping. I cannot believe I spent £13 on a half shoulder of lamb for Sunday!! I am not happy, looking at the receipt I had been charged for a kilo of lamb leg steaks, I ended up going back to Morrison and getting an £8.60 two journeys into town.

DB is still complaining of headache.......this afternoon he kept saying he was tired, so was I,but I still had to drive into town and get a refund for the meat. He starts taking 2 tablets a day tomorrow......

Its been a sunny day, quite warm this afternoon.

Cooked salmon for supper with new potato's, green beans and hollandaise sauce, we finished off the apple and blackberry for dessert.


  1. Always difficult when people are changing their medicines. Believe me, I know, and side effects differ. You are definitely not getting enough rest. You have very high standards and they are to be commended but do let up and get yourself rested and well. Sleep in the spare room as I do, no one would want to sleep with me!! I need a light on all night; I need a window open and I have nightmares, what a bargain. I love your blog, you tell it how it is and no glossing over life, love that. Selfishly, I look forward to reading your snippets every day, but I am dismayed that you are so whacked, look after yourself. Love Andie xxx

  2. Sorry for your bad night's sleep again. I agree that the sewing room bed is the ideal solution for your wakefulness due to DB's noise and/or restlessness.

    Good for you to realize you'd been overcharged at Morrison's and got a refund, even tho it meant going there twice.

    It's been hot and sunny here with high humidity so was miserable. I had to get into my broiling hot car to take a package to the post office for DB2.

    Did cut some fabrics late this morning so that's some progress. Also re-read the pattern that says over 500 HSTs needed for this quilt. I'm at 120 HSTs now. Sigh!



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