Saturday, 12 August 2017

Another bad night

4am this morning before I finally got to sleep. I ended up sleeping in the sewing room. No idea what time DB went to sleep, but we did sleep in a bit this morning. One of the side effects of his medication is insomnia, the dose he is on I consider to be rather high as well.

The results of the blood test did not come through, I am very annoyed, several times the NP told us she would ring us with the results yesterday, DB phoned at 5.45pm to be told that no way would the results be through that quick and the NP was not even in the building. I have written a letter of complaint for the practice, no way will we ever accept seeing her again for anything. The results should be available sometime on Monday.

DB has been in the garden for a short while this morning, I managed to get the ironing done, and have altered the strap to the bag.

Bacon fritatta and salad for supper tonight.


  1. Sorry for the lack of sleep you are both having. You are right one of the side effects of steroids is insomnia, plus an extreme appetite. I have been on steroids (prednisolone) for my condition since April 2014.
    I find that going to bed only when I am really tired helps me to drop off.
    Take care Kathy x

  2. What a shame you're being kept awake at night and hope tonight is better for both you and DB.

    I do not understand why people don't call back when they say they will - even if they just say the test results have been delayed and they're sorry. Gee whiz!

    Cutting more purples today but will soon start marking and pairing squares so I can sew some.

    Our day of rain disappeared after about 5 hours of good rain, so I suppose I cannot complain.


  3. My sister and brother in England are also saying about problems with doctors, nurses and hospitals. Rude and inconsistent treatment. Maybe they want to put people off from using the NHS


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