Thursday, 17 August 2017

That was the night that was!!

7pm last night after supper DB retired to bed and slept the clock round and more.  He did get up for breakfast but was soon back in bed. I phoned to speak to the Dr. She phone about 11.30 and has taken DB off the medication, he has to take codeine for his a trip to the chemist to collect his new medication. We have to ring tomorrow to see what the blood test says.

Another night I did not sleep well, I did manage a nap this afternoon after lunch, but only for a short while. A council workman woke me hammering on the door, we had reported that there was a crack under the toilet window, it is going to get repaired.

DB was still sleeping when I went out to the chemist, he managed to wake up long enough to have a cup of tea and eat a donut. He is still awake now, how long for is another matter.

It had rained overnight, but after breakfast the sun came out and it has been a lovely day, not that I have seen much of it.

I am hoping for a better night tonight, the medication should have cleared DB's system and maybe the codeine will clear the headache.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Another bad night

I think I am going to have to sleep in the sewing room for a few nights, its getting ridiculous, it was after 4am again before I got off to sleep. 3 hours is just not enough. DB slept all night and spent most of it snoring....................

Blood test at the surgery this morning and then into Morrison for some shopping. I cannot believe I spent £13 on a half shoulder of lamb for Sunday!! I am not happy, looking at the receipt I had been charged for a kilo of lamb leg steaks, I ended up going back to Morrison and getting an £8.60 two journeys into town.

DB is still complaining of headache.......this afternoon he kept saying he was tired, so was I,but I still had to drive into town and get a refund for the meat. He starts taking 2 tablets a day tomorrow......

Its been a sunny day, quite warm this afternoon.

Cooked salmon for supper with new potato's, green beans and hollandaise sauce, we finished off the apple and blackberry for dessert.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

A New Day

Better night last night, DB went off to sleep without too much wriggling.

Its a fine day, a load of laundry done and out on the line, also managed to do the Monday clean a day late.........

DB spent an hour in the garden this morning cutting back part of the hedge between us and a neighbour.

He seems to be tolerating the new meds, will keep my fingers crossed though when I start to increase the dose. Its really vile stuff nut if it works he should not be on it for too long.

My cancelled appointment for the cardiac consultant has come through for September, so I hope to get some answers about various things then.

There was some gratin last last night, so we will have it with the toad in the hole tonight. I stewed some apples and blackberries to have with custard for dessert.

Monday, 14 August 2017


Another bad night, took DB over an hour to stop fidgeting and settle to sleep, by which time I was wide awake again.

Up sharp and off to the Drs. Had to wait about an hour. Blood tests were back and everything is fine, but just to make sure we have to repeat it on Wednesday, give the prednisilone time to clear his system. The thinking is that it is coming from his neck, so a different medication which we have to start in small doses and work up. I am relieved that it is not thickening, or an infection in the arteries, but he still has the headache!!

I gave in and went to bed this afternoon, slept for 2 hours, I did not hear DB get up,  I feel awful now, thick headed. Fingers crossed I sleep ok tonight.

Supper prepped, just have to re heat the gratin and cook the tomato's and spuds, we will finish off the plums with custard for dessert.

No Monday clean done, will have to tackle the wet room etc tomorrow.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Sunny Sunday?

We both slept for a while yesterday afternoon, I was in bed by 9pm last night, woke briefly when OH came to bed. Apart from getting up to the toilet it was after 8 when we woke.

Usual Sunday breakfast in bed. DB is out in the garden just now, no idea what he is up to and to be frank he can just get on with it. He was complaining again about his head aching...........its the Drs in the morning regardless.

No plans for the day except to sit and read, will prepare the pork for supper and thats about it.

Had a quick trip down to the surgery to put the complaint letter through the door, I want it there before we go in the morning, will be asking to see one of the senior partners.

Its quite warm outside, it was very chilly yesterday afternoon, it was a case of fleece jumpers on. Expect it will be the same today once the sun goes down.


Nothing much else to report, I have discovered that there was a smaller shed on the site before the one we took down, I have found a shallow concrete base which I need to lift, so spade and lump hammer going to be in use, I will use the rubble to make a soak away at the back of the coal house which floods if we get heavy rain. It will also help to level out the slight slope thats there.

We both had a siesta whis afternoon, finger crossed we sleep ok tonight. We need to be up early to be at the Drs by 9am.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Another bad night

4am this morning before I finally got to sleep. I ended up sleeping in the sewing room. No idea what time DB went to sleep, but we did sleep in a bit this morning. One of the side effects of his medication is insomnia, the dose he is on I consider to be rather high as well.

The results of the blood test did not come through, I am very annoyed, several times the NP told us she would ring us with the results yesterday, DB phoned at 5.45pm to be told that no way would the results be through that quick and the NP was not even in the building. I have written a letter of complaint for the practice, no way will we ever accept seeing her again for anything. The results should be available sometime on Monday.

DB has been in the garden for a short while this morning, I managed to get the ironing done, and have altered the strap to the bag.

Bacon fritatta and salad for supper tonight.

Friday, 11 August 2017


Another sunny day.

Yesterday finished with me taking DB to the Drs. he has had to go back this morning for a blood test, we will know the result this afternoon........I am keeping my fingers crossed its not arterial sclerosis that is causing his headaches. He has been given steroids, took 6 last night and 6 this midnight he woke me moaning about his stomach, I made him drink a glass of milk, the pain went off, he slept, I did not, was reading from 12 midnight onwards. No  effects from todays dose so I suspect he had indigestion.

G arrived just as we were going off to the Drs to start taking down the shed.

The empty shed.

What the site looked like when everything was cleared away.

We need to just level it out a bit, the council have to arrange for the chap to come and spray to make sure any Japanese Knotweed is killed off and then I can order the new shed and get it put up. We will have to relay the paths and construct a decent step, at least 2 of the slabs to the left are going to have to come up.. the new shed is 2 foot longer than the old one.

Once the chaps had gone I set to and cleaned the kitchen, wet room and toilet floors and hoovered the carpets in the living room and hall. I am going to see about getting a cleaner once a fortnight once I have sorted the shed etc.

We were going out for tea this afternoon, but our friends are coming to us instead, I feel safer with DB close to a bed just now, although he has been ok this morning apart from the headache.

E came round last evening with the cash for 2 of the bags, the last one I made, as I thought, the strap was too long, so I have undone the top to redo the strap and then re topstitch round the edge. I might get it done tomorrow.

I think I will be going to bed early tonight, 2 hours sleep is just not enough!!

Thursday, 10 August 2017


Woke to a fine morning, so laundry out on the line first thing.

DB had breakfast in bed, got up about 9.30 went back to bed at 11.30.......brilliant.....Phoned and re arranged our visit out for tea tomorrow, they are coming here, apparently there is a birthday cake involved. Our trip out for afternoon tea has been cancelled.

D came over and between the two of us we moved the sentry box into its new position and then emptied everything from the shed onto the lawn. It is now all packed away and the shed empty. I forgot to keep out the tin with the screwdrivers in, I will need to find it DB wants his spade hangers taking down. All the cup hooks have been removed and are in the drawer in the kitchen. It will be about 6 weeks before the new shed is put up, then everything has to go back........

Laundry is almost dry, I need to tackle the ironing from Sunday though.......may be this afternoon.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


DB slept so much yesterday, he had a problem sleeping last night, so of course I was awake too. However he is much better today,his body has obviously got used to the dosage.

I left him in bed this morning whilst I went to Lidl in Bingham, he was up for lunch and then went back after lunch for his siesta. 

G came this morning, he wants to take the shed down on Friday, so I have had to ask for help from a neighbour to empty it. I ordered 3 bags of coal for the sitting room fire which came this afternoon. I took the handle off the mower and its now on the half pallet in the coal shed along with the tool box. Hopefully we will get the shed emptied tomorrow, then once the shed is down I can contact the council and get the ground treated next month.

We did manage to get as far as the local hairdressers this morning for a haircut. I am using two of the frozen meals tonight, tired after shopping and sorting part of the shed.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

At last they got it right!!

Its raining and has been since early this morning, nice steady rain, will do the garden and pots good.

DB is very dozy, the meds close together yesterday meant he slept very well, I managed through to 7.30 with a brief wake up around 4am. We did not get up until 8.30, no housework being done, just cannot be bothered.

DB is in bed sleeping as I guess he will be till his body gets used to the medication, he says he will get up later.....we will see.......

Soup at lunch time, its quite cold so decided against salad for supper tonight, egg, chips and beans instead.

Need to do a shopping list, I am going to Lidl in Bingham tomorrow, will leave DB at home possibly in bed will see how the medication affects him later.

I am going to spend the afternoon on the settee reading.

Monday, 7 August 2017


Yesterday was a bit of a washout.

DB announced at lunchtime his headache was getting worse, more medication at the required time. After supper he was still complaining so I made him ring 111. We got a Dr at midnight, tension headache, paracetamol and codiene......duly taken, he slept all night. I was awake until after 2am.

He got up this morning, at 9.15 he had a dizzy which is still going on at 11.30am. Now what do I do? 

No Monday clean done, CBA it will have to wait. I am swithering whether to ring our GP and ask for a home visit see what he has to say. I feel it has been going on too long and bearing in mind his medical history I feel it needs looking into.

Will report back later.

I gave in and rang our GP,  DB could not lift his head off the pillow. She confirmed that its a nasty attack of vertigo. She put in a script which I collected after lunch, within 30 minutes he was sitting up......the medication is for travel sickness, he can only take it for 5 days before I have to reduce the dose until he is no longer taking it. The headache and dizziness have both gone.

DB requested the chicken with veg. I picked french beans, so beans, carrots and potato's. The rest of the strawberries in jelly for dessert, possibly with ice cream.

Sunday, 6 August 2017


A good drying day, I hope, sunny with a decent breeze.

After our usual Sunday breakfast I stipped the bed and put the washer on. the sheets etc are now blowing on the line and I hope they will be dry soon.

DB has cleared out the coal house, I need to order some coal before the price goes up, he chucked out a load of soft sided pots, we have hundreds of the things, all sorted into pot sizes. Next is to start sorting out and emptying the shed.

We finished off yesterdays quiche with cucumber and tomato salad and hm bread for lunch, chicken tonight for supper, I also made a strawberry jelly and put some of our frozen strawberries in it to have for dessert.

The courgette is going daft, our neighbour at the back was cutting down the hedge, so I handed over 3 courgette and a home grown cucumber, they bought me a bag of apples during the week, I have them to peel and freeze.

No plans for this afternoon except to read whilst DB has his siesta. I need to sort out the library books, the van comes tomorrow afternoon.

DB is still suffering with headaches, we have the chiropodist coming in the morning, once he has had his feet done he is going to the Drs. We have an open surgery in a morning so he will be seen.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Quiet Day

DB was complaining of a headache this morning, he had fallen asleep on 4 pillows, not surprised, when he got in the shower and let the hot water run on his neck it went.

We were not fast getting up, DB decided yesterday he was not going to the Presidents day at the bowls club, so sent an apology,  we are spending a quiet day. He has been out and mowed the grass in the back, but thats all. I decided just to shove the dyson over the sitting room carpet and clean the kitchen.

I had done beetroot yesterday in the pressure cooker, it has been sliced and bottled, enough for a 2lb and a 1lb jar, we will be having some at supper time with a quiche.

We had a slight shower of rain this morning but by lunchtime it had cleared and the sun was out.

No real plans for the rest of the day, DB will go for his siesta, I might go and do some sewing, see how I feel.

I did end up doing fish and chips last night just after 7pm DB said he was peckish and fancied F & C so I cooked.

Friday, 4 August 2017


I put towels in the washer overnight, so they were ready to go out when I got up. DB brought me breakfast in bed this morning. He managed to fall again in the garden this morning, I am very fed up.......his dizzies are back too, not as bad as before but there never the less.

I drove over to my quilting friends this morning, we had lunch, smoked salmon sandwiches, yummy.....and then cake topped with raspberries and fresh cream.

DB took his tablet and went into the sitting room to read whilst we chatted.

Decent journey home, the traffic was not too bad all things considered. It has been fine and sunny most of the day, rain was forecast but never arrived....the towels dried and have been folded and put away.

No supper tonight we are still full from lunch. We will have fish and chips tomorrow night, DB has cancelled presidents day, so we will be here for supper.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Thursday - trip into town.

We were at the bus stop by 9.45, the bus did turn up about 10 minutes late. Once in town we went into the bank, we have to go in and prove DB's identity to change one of the savings accounts into a joint account so he can draw money too. He went off to the opticians to get his eyes tested, he does not need new glasses but his cataract is now ready to be sorted, so he has been referred. I am not looking forward to that!!

I had a wander round the shops in the town centre and picked up a couple of things we needed before going back to pick DB up. Had a cup of tea with DD although she was working, they were not too busy. She has managed to negotiate her hours down to a 4 day week which will be much better for her. She will take a hit money wise, but seems quite happy to do so.

Our neighbours son has just left on his long journey back to South Africa, he will not get home until 6.30 pm tomorrow night. She is on her own for the first time since P died, so doubtless will be feeling it. I did go over for an hour yesterday afternoon.

We are out tomorrow, going to see my quilting friend and take her some goodies from the garden as well as a couple of magazines. So no Friday clean it will have to wait till saturday this week. I need to
pick some beans for her.

Supper tonight , stovies I bought a tin of corned beef last week, will use half of it in stovies and slice the rest for sandwiches for the next couple of days lunches. Saturday afternoon is Presidents day at the bowls club, so I will have to put on a frock and go. Thankfully its only once a season.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

What a dull day

A very dull day, we did have a few spots of rain earlier on, there is also quite a stiff wind.

Round to the little chapel for the coffee morning, took the last bag for E to take to her group, should get some cash on Friday....cannot be bad. We picked a load of rhubarb and took round, also some green beans. I have been promised plums when they are ripe and someone else is going to drop off some apples.

DB was talking with the chap who used to come and sit with him about the shed. He has agreed to come and take the shed down if he can have the problem, it will save me having to pay to get the wood taken away. He is going to come sometime this month to do it, so we can get the ground sprayed in September and the new shed up in October.

DB at the social bowls this afternoon, he went for his usual siesta first.

We are going to venture into town tomorrow on the bus, DB has an appointment to get his eyes tested, I think he needs new glasses. I would also like to get into the bank if I can to sort out our savings account. Its in my name and I want it to be in joint names so there is no problem drawing cash out without having to transfer it first. I also want to make enquiries to change our bank account itself, I am also looking at changing banks.........I need more info first though.

I might do some sewing this afternoon, no bags though.....possibly stuffed Christmas trees made from fabric. or more of the zipper bags. Hmmmmm I also have some bits of fabric I want to turn into lavender bags.

Sausage and mash for supper tonight.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Pinch an a punch for the first of the month. Traditionally this was the last summer month you did not eat pork!! May, June, July and August were pork free months according to my grandmother.

Find sunny but windy morning, laundry in the machine, hung out and dried, just needs folding.

DB fell again in the garden this morning, I am sick of him using any crap wood he can find for edging, he has fallen in the same place before, said wood is now in the bin!! I also had a go at him about leaving the hosepipe in a mess on the floor, I caught my foot in it when I was hanging the washing out, something else he needs to sort pdq. I need to source one of the things you fit to the wall to wind it onto.

Monday clean done this morning, I scrubbed the wet room floor with the deck brush, it looks so much better, could not believe the muck I got off it. Finished it off with the new mop. I do actually need DB to take about 3" off the brush handle, its rather long.

Finished off the soup from the weekend for lunch, cheese pie with baked beans tonight, already prepped, just need to reheat it in the oven later. I will dice up the remaining 2 nectarines and have them in the meringue cases with some cream, they were very nice last night. Fruit bowl is almost empty, just some apples left.

Tidied up the sewing room, I have some stuff to put away but its all neatly folded waiting, no longer strewn all over the place. I am going to sit and read this afternoon......well thats the plan.