Monday, 24 July 2017

What happened to the sun?

I could not believe it when I woke up, it was so dark, I thought it was winter. The sky has been very grey all morning, however it has not rained as yet.

Bed changed and sheets etc on the line, its almost dry, so need to keep an eye out for it starting to rain.

Monday clean done. I am crackered so will be reading this afternoon. My mop is going to have to be retired, bits keep coming off it, there will be nothing left soon, I will have to source a new one. Its the non slip surface in the bathroom that's the problem. If I could, I would scrub it, but once I get down on my knees I have difficulty getting up again.

DH has retired to bed with a dizzy, his vertigo rearing its head again, he did his exercises but it did not go off, so to bed he went. I hope we are not ramping up to another month like last August, when he was again in hospital for almost the whole month. Not a happy thought.


  1. Hoping along with you that DB's annoying DDs aren't returning. Wonder if the weather, a garden chemical, or something blowing in the air (from area farms?) this time of year is a factor in the DDs?

    Isn't it annoying when a long-used household tool gives up the ghost and it's difficult to find an identical replacement? The same goes for clothing as I'd love to find several more pairs of petite slacks just like those I bought 10 years ago! Sigh! Good luck finding a suitable mop to replace your old one.

    We had more rain last night!! It's sunny with a high in the mid-90s*F today but later in the week it's forecast to cool off to the mid-80s*F for the high several days and that will be lovely.

    In the sewing room, I'll soon be knee deep in purple pairs. :)


  2. Does Edwin do the "Epley" maneuver? It has worked for me.
    We have a cool dull day today also.



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