Wednesday, 26 July 2017


A wet morning, I did put the towels in the washer and they are on the line now, the weather improved after lunch.

Freezer audit done, menu and shopping list sorted, we are off to Aldi tomorrow.

DB walked down to the post office in the rain to draw some cash and get his TV choice, the TV is dire again next week, looks like we will be watching recorded programmes.

I did a bit more at the bag this afternoon.......because its an across the body bag I have to make it up differently to the way I usually make the bags, not looking forward to it. May tackle it over the weekend.

I heard from my friend in Florida, she hand her husband went back to Nashau to see friends, she fell in the hotel room and has a broken hip, its been pinned and she says it quite painful.

Bacon, egg, tomato and fried bread for supper.

The sun is out and its blowing quite well, so the towels should be dry.


  1. So glad the weather dried so you could hang the laundry out. Well done in getting your freezer audit and shopping list sorted and ready for tomorrow's shopping.

    What a shame your friend from Florida fell and broke her hip while on vacation in Nassau. That must have made for a very uncomfortable trip back home.

    Wishing you well on making the over-body bag and its strap.

    I've got 40 pairs of purple/black/blue/green ready to cut and will be making 12 HSTs from each pair as that's enough for 4 blocks. Then may need 20 more blocks for the finished quilt but, if so, will recombine the fabrics so the pairs are different. Once the 120 HSTs are finished, I lay them out and decide.


  2. Sheesh I so need to 'audit' my freezers too... what a novel idea.
    I hope your friend recovers from her accident. Ouch!


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