Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Not a good night last night, guess DB was dreaming, he was wriggling all round the bed, woke me at 4.30am, it was after 7am when I got off again, so late getting up.

It had stopped raining and the sun was valiantly trying to shine, so the towels went in the washer and out on the line.

DB was putting preservative on the sentry box before we move it into its new position, I seemed to spend the morning not doing much.

After lunch I decided to finish this.

Another bag done, I have enough of this fabric left to do another much smaller bag, need to measure it and see just how much I have left. Its not easy to sew!! It has to be overlocked around all the edges to prevent large lumps of it falling off. The sewing room floor is a mess, despite me clearing up most of the mess on Monday.

After his siesta DB went into the garden, he picked 2 raspberries and 2lbs of climbing beans. Our neighbour had a lettuce and some more rhubarb, she had a friend with her, she also got a lettuce.

Ham salad tonight, have a few potato's left from yesterday so we will have them with the salad. I picked some lollo rosso leaves for the salad.

At lunch time DB had no yogurt left, so I stoned and quartered two nectarines and also sliced some of the pineapple I got last week, it is lovely and ripe, a few grapes and instant fruit salad....yummy.

I now need to go and clear up the mess from the sewing room floor before it gets spread across the rest of the house. Will sew the binding down on another mat later.............

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