Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Bright morning it was 67c when we got up, and as the sun moved round it became quite warm. A bit muggy later on as there was very little breeze.

Round to the chapel for coffee, two lots of visitors came so it was a big group, plenty of chatter going on. I took 20 sticks of rhubarb, it all went, J came round to deliver some crates for us to store stuff from the shed, so I gave her some more rhubarb and a lettuce from the garden.

I caved in last night and went over to see my neighbour, she was quite tearful when I went in, but after talking generally for an hour or so she was calmer when I left. Funeral details later, although all has been arranged some time ago. It will be at Grantham Crematorium. Her younger son is with her just now, her elder son is trying to sort out a flight from South Africa and will stay with his Mum when he gets here.

Sewed the binding on 3 more mats, just one more to do, then I have to sit and hand sew the binding down, not my favourite job, but it will get done.

Saw E briefly, she was going out, I gave her the tapestry bag I made, she had an nice letter from the bride and groom she gave the ring pillow to, it has a lovely picture of the bride and groom on the front with their little girl.

Salmon and salad for supper. I cooked the salmon in lemon juice, its in the fridge along with a green salad, potato salad and some coleslaw. There is a bit of the crumble left so that will be dessert.

No gardening for DB, he is bowling this afternoon, the social bowls meeting they have once a fortnight. Tomorrow we are going shopping and taking P and Friday we have our meeting with the council chaps about the shed.

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