Friday, 14 July 2017

Visiting Day

Not a good night for me, DB decided to go to the toilet at 4.30am, it was after 7am when I fell asleep, so we were late getting up. It was not a problem, we had plans for the day.

We left via the surgery and I went to Bon Marche to change the top I bought, it was the wrong size, a card for our neighbour and DB got grass seed, we then travelled on to Desford and my quilting friends.

We were treated to HM scones, raspberry jam and whipped cream, two scones each.....did not need anything else after that, we were stuffed. It was good to see my friend, despite problems with her sight she does very well, just now she is knitting toys, keeps her fingers busy. I took her some flowers and some bits of felt which I know she will use.  The two bags were greatly admired although I got told off for not charging enough for them.

Left around 3pm to travel home, heavy traffic on the A46 all the way to the turn off. Just volume of traffic and huge lorries racing to get back to base for the weekend.

The morning started grey and windy, its now sunny with a stiffish breeze, still cool though, hot water bottles in the bed again last night.

Tonight supper fish and chips, there is some pineapple left which we will have for dessert, that will finish it off.


Having finally managed to get a Sympathy card I liked, I took it over to B, I had not been since the evening of the day P passed away, I did not want to intrude on what is really a family time. B was pleased to see me, I did explain why I had not been over. Her son from South Africa has been with her since Monday afternoon and the daughter arrived from Spain at lunch time, I guess A will be over tomorrow so the scene is set for the funeral on Monday. We will miss P, he was a real gentleman of the old school.

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