Tuesday, 25 July 2017


It started off very dull and grey again, quite cold too, we both had hot water bottles when we went to bed last night. It must have been cold, the heating came on this morning, the thermostat was turned down to 10, but the timer was still on, it woke me creaking.

The sky finally turned blue late this afternoon.

DB out in the garden this morning, despite him checking we have another courgette which thinks its a marrow........., more beans in and also some blackcurrants, I have put a container of mixed fruit in the freezer. Made a creme caramel for dessert.

Cooked the sauce for spag bol for supper.

I cannot get away from bags, I found a large piece of fabric and have just cut out the over body bag, again the fabric frays like crazy so its all been overlocked, I have the over body strap made and have lined the pocket, might finish it tomorrow.

Need to do the menu plan and freezer audit tomorrow, DB needs to go to the PO for some cash and we will go to Aldi on Thursday. DB is bowling tomorrow afternoon, but not a match, just the social bowling they do every other Wednesday.


  1. Wish we could mix some of your cool weather with our hot weather! Today will be a little cooler here, so that's good.

    Sorry the fabric for the new bag is raveling but am glad your machine has the over locking stitch to control it.

    I'm in the sewing room again, pairing purples.


  2. Goodness hot water bottles in July! Your summer didn't last long.

    We are suffering thru an excessive heat wave and we so need rain (Midwest USA) so please send some of that cool air here.

    Sounds like DB is better today.


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