Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Another nice day, thankfully not as hot as it was yesterday I think 27c was the highest recorded today.

A quick flash round the wet room and toilet and shoved the dyson over the carpets, could not be bothered to do much else. Towels in the washer, dried on the line, there has been a breeze all day.

I slept much better last night, I was very tired.

DB and I moved the sentry box, but have decided its not in the right place, so it will be getting moved again round the side of the house. It mucks up my nursery bed, but I can move that over the other side of the garden to where the hedge has been cut back.

I sorted through the fabric I was gifted, there is a lot that I cannot use, so I will pass it on to a craft group or some such. Another bag is in production, this time made out of silk curtain fabric.......

Tomorrow we are going to take the old TV to the tip and call on our friend in Bottesford on the way back. I expect DB will be in the garden in the morning.

Bacon fritatta and salad for supper, we ate the cake from yesterday for afternoon tea. I had coffee and walnut, DB chocolate, very nice.

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  1. How wonderful that you had a good night's sleep!

    Am glad you accomplished some tasks before your energy flagged and hope you enjoyed a good rest with a book to entertain you.

    I seem to have started the day with even less energy than usual so that's a bother. Perhaps that's because I dreamed of the two quilts I hope to made before Christmas. Too bad I didn't awaken to find both quilts finished! :)

    We just had a noisy crack of thunder that caused both cats to flee indoors but the sun is still shining and radar shows one lonely little rain cloud several miles from us. We need rain badly.



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