Tuesday, 11 July 2017


It started to rain last night, steadily, it was still damp when we got up. Very misty but dry just now.

DB has not been able to get out into the garden, the ground is too wet.

I have spent the morning doing the ironing and then switched to sewing another bag which caused me problems, the main fabric is chenille, which frays like the devil. Why someone would have a settee covered in the stuff beats me. I have enough of the fabric to make another bag if I feel like it. right now I am quite ambivalent.

Not much going on here, B's son arrived yesterday from South Africa, so she has someone with her, its a week today since P passed away.

E came round yesterday, her group want me to make some more of the bags, will have to have a sort through the fabric bag and see what I can find. One lady wants one that goes across her body, need to think about that.

Mince and mash for supper tonight, we have just enough raspberries to have for dessert.


  1. We had a day of showers yesterday, woke this a.m. to fog, which has not lifted, going to be humid day. I am working on a quilt for my 2nd youngest GD, started it in Jan. but did not like the way it looked, so stashed it away, got it out last week unpicked the seams and started over. Liking it better, just have to get it completed so I can give it to her when she goes back to University late August.
    Sounds as if you are going to be busy making those bags.
    Hope the rest of your day is good.

  2. You've certainly made good use of a damp day!

    I never used chenille so had no idea it raveled. I do remember taking naps on chenille bedspreads when I was a child and waking up with the patterns pressed into my cheek!

    When our boys were babies, a friend made a tote bag for me that was genius in having only one handle strap. One end of the handle strap was attached to each side of the bag but at opposite ends. There was no second handle to fall off of my shoulder and the bag didn't gap open. That handle wasn't long enough to use across my body but you might try that attachment for the lady who wants to use her bag that way.

    It's going to be another blazing hot day here. Sigh!



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