Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Its a cloudy morning, but still quite warm, yesterday the sun broke through in the late afternoon and it was a very pleasant evening. There is a breeze which is keeping it coolish.

Our neighbour across the road passed away last night, he had another fall and knocked himself out,  B is back home, the hospice asked her to stay for the night, she
 wants to spend the day on her own, so we are respecting that, I will go over and see her tomorrow. It is sad, however I can only feel it is a blessing.........

DB had a bit of a funny turn yesterday, he said he felt he was getting palpitations and a dizzy, he did his eye exercises and the dizziness went off. I asked him to take things steady this morning, but he had to go out and mow the back lawn......he wonders why he gets no sympathy!!

I need to trim the mountain mats and bind them, no idea whats going to be next, I have to go through the things I have and see what else I could make. I do want to make a couple of bags.....I may use some of the squares of curtain fabric in the bags

Tomorrow is the coffee morning at the little chapel, I will pull some rhubarb and take, its going mad. I did give some to a neighbour this morning. I still have apples and rhubarb in the freezer from last year, I am going to have to do some puddings for a few weeks to use it up before we start storing this years produce.

Claire came round this afternoon with her loppers, the laurel hedge has been cut right back to the fence, we have gained about 2 foot of garden. Lots of rubbish in bags now for the green bin.

Laurel cut back, at least 2ft of garden to fill with plants.

Day Lily in full bloom

The hollyhock is just starting to come up

Any one for rhubarb, I will pull some more tomorrow to take round to the coffee morning.

Drying beans

Start of the climbing beans, better use up the veg in the veg drawer.

I managed to get one of the mats almost bound, then Claire knocked on the door, so I went out to assist clearing up the laurel. Well worth the £10 it cost me.

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