Thursday, 20 July 2017


The last bag I am making for a bit, time to go onto other stuff.

Such a pretty pattern on the fabric.

Terrible night again last night, after 4am before I managed to get off. DB brought my breakfast in bed, I managed out of bed by 10am.

It rained overnight and for most of the morning, but not the torrents they have had elsewhere, I doubt it will have even wet the top surface. It has cleared and we have blue skies and a breeze again.

DB spent the morning clearing out old paper work, the files were bulging with rubbish, it has all been shredded and is now in the bin for the recycle people next week.

B's daughter is going to Birmingham airport later today, she has booked into the airport hotel, her flight leaves at 6.30am tomorrow, she will be home in Spain by mid day. That will just leave K here for another 2 weeks.

Nothing much going on, its very quiet here, even the farm traffic seems to have stopped for now.

I have one last library book to read, so guess I had better get on with it, being able to use borrowbox is great I can pick books to read in between library books.

Sausage, mash and beans for supper tonight.......a few raspberries to use up, will pull some more rhubarb at the weekend, another week and the picking season will be over, time for the plants to conserve their energy for next year. We are picking courgettes and climbing beans just nor, the french beans are just starting to develop, might be enough for Sunday now we have had some rain.


  1. I pulled a good lot of Rhubarb today, some in the freezer,some is jam with a slug of Elderflower cordial. The flavour is wonderful luckily there was a taster dish after the jars were filled.

  2. The fabric you used for the pictured bag is really beautiful! I can see why you're ready to move on to other projects. What do you have in mind?

    Wishing B well as she bids her daughter farewell. I hope a lot is accomplished while her son is still here so she's not left with too much to deal with.

    Another hot, dry day here and all is so very dry.

    I'm back to work in my sewing room as I have just a few things left to find places for and have 2 shelves and 4 drawers still available (I think!).



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