Thursday, 13 July 2017

Thursday Shopping Day

Yesterday started cloudy and developed into a really nice evening. This morning also started cloudy, the sun broke through briefly, but the sky has greyed and the weather station says rain... we shall see.

It was so cold last night I actually put hot water bottles in the bed.... the temperature has dropped more than 10 degrees...brrrr.... we are not used to the cold.

Into Lidl, DB went down to Wilkinson to get a new measuring tape to replace the one he broke. I went into Lidl, managed to stay in my budget by about 75p!!

The lilies in the front garden are out, two stems are in a vase in the sitting room, I love the scent, by the time they go over the ones in the back will be in flower.

Another of the chenille bags cut out, I have to overlock the lining on this one, have run out of the fabric I used to line the other bag, there is enough for more small bag I think, I need to measure it and see of there is enough for the bag and handles. Just one mat to sew the binding down on, will get it done today.

weel the second bag is done without as much cussing as went on with the first one. This one is smaller, more the shape of a bucket bag. I have put the dyson over the sewing room floor, have to empty it, its more sewing, apart from hand sewing till saturday if then. We are out tomorrow.

Its keeps coming over very black, but up to present we have not had rain, I wish it would get it over with, we could do with some more gentle rain, not the slashing sort they have had in other places.

Pizza and green salad for supper tonight........

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