Sunday, 30 July 2017


Sunny morning, up after our usual lie in, showered and dressed. We are on a semi jolly to day.

Its DD2's annual tea party, half way between mine and DB's birthday. We are going to a local garden open on the way, I will also nip into Boyes and see if I can get either a new mop or a deck brush for the wet room floor.

Fridays effort with the carpet seems to have worked, there are a couple of places I might have another go at when I do the Monday clean, but all in all it was successful.

Soup and toast for lunch, no supper, DD always puts on a good spread.

We enjoyed the open garden this afternoon, it was a pity there was a downpour of rain which lasted about 20 minutes, but it freshened the garden. Afraid my purse strings got loosened a bit.

Love the colour of this penstamon.

Fabulous colour hollyhock.

Lots of tropical plants, really lush planting.

We went on into town where I got a deck brush and also a new mop. Then on to DD2's for tea.

DD1, ex husband, granddaughter and great grand son joined us, delightful tea as always.

Denny - Joe with his auntie Alice.

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