Sunday, 23 July 2017


Yesterday it was rain, sun rain, today its started off sunny, but black clouds are gathering, I think we may be in for one of the forecasted showers.

We had our usual Sunday breakfast, eventually managed out of bed just after 9am. DB has been in the garden, resiting bean poles etc that the wind had blown about, the beans were listing badly to one side. He then went on to finish the weeding in the herbaceous bed. I need to take a couple of photos so I know what needs a severe haircut in the spring, I also need to move a couple of plants.

No plans to do anything. I did lay out some patches for an ordered bag, but there is not enough contrast so I need to cut up some more fabric. I have been through the fabric I kept and I have a couple of bits, one will make the strap with some squares to go into the bag and the other piece will cut into 5" squares. Must go through and see what lining fabric I can find. I do use poly cotton sometimes for bag lining, I think I have some in the PC crate, will have a look later. Deffo not doing any sewing today!!

Supper is prepared, I sliced the gammon joint cooked yesterday, enough ham for 2 suppers and 2 lots of sandwiches for £2.99, not bad. I also cooked 2 pears that were taking their time to ripen, they are in the fridge we will have them for dessert with some ice cream.


  1. There is a Facebook group who makes the most wonderful bags from tea towels! You should check it out

  2. How marvelous to have a relaxing Sunday except for the cooking and you have that well in hand. Sounds yummy!

    I still wish DB would pop over here to take our garden in hand as he enjoys that endeavor so much and we do not. :)

    Joyfully, I report that we had rain last night!!!! It was a glorious midnight thunderstorm with remarkable lightening (which I slept through), and an hour of a hard downpour followed by a more gentle rain. We SO needed that. There is a chance of rain again tonight and that would be welcome, too.

    Am about to start pairing up purples for DS2's quilt.


  3. You get so much done, reading about it exhausts me! Please can you tell me if you have a cleaning/household rota etc. that you follow.


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