Sunday, 2 July 2017


We had our usual breakfast in bed, the front door bell went, but no one there. ?power all the clocks only for it to go off twice again. Rang up to see what was going on, problems with a high tension cable, switched to another supply. About an hour later it went again, have we been switched back? 

Laundry washed and on the line, its sunny, but keeps clouding over, there is a breeze which hopefully will dry the laundry fairly quickly.

Bacon sarnies for lunch. DB is going for his rest and then shower and change for his bowls, so I have the afternoon to myself. I am hoping to finish quilting the cushion cover. Its ages since I did any machine quilting, its a bit like when I first started, big and small stitches, it was called country quilting!! will take me a while to get back to regular stitches. I do warm up on scrap fabric. I think I also need to find the silicone spray, the wadding is not moving easily across the bed of the machine, not sure If I have any furniture polish......I no longer use it, just a damp duster and then buff up. I will try wiping the bad of the machine with a damp cloth first, see if that makes a difference.

More raspberries picked this morning, I am going to freeze some might get enough for some jam.

Freezer audit done and menu list filled in, shopping list started, do not need much meat this month, we are out a couple of Sundays so no roast.

Have just heard that my niece and her family are coming over from Oz for 3 weeks in late August, it would be good to catch up with them.

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