Saturday, 29 July 2017


Bad night last night, reading at 3.00am so late getting up.

It was a fine morning but kept clouding over, DB off to play bowls after his bacon sarnie and siesta. I made a pot of leek and potato soup for tomorrow.

I decided to finish the bag........

This is it finished, Not keen on making another one, I had to undo it twice before I got the lining right and my machine was not happy sewing some of the thickness, but its done. I hope its ok, the strap seems a bit long to me, I will alter it if I have to, fingers crossed its ok.

Settled on the settee to read after I finished the bag, jacket potato with cheese and coleslaw for my supper, DB will get his at the bowls club.


  1. Sorry about your late night and am glad you gave yourself permission to sleep late this morning.

    Well done on finishing the over-body bag ahead of time when you intend to deliver it to its new owner. I like the fabric, too. :)

    We've had rain off an on all night and this morning. Today's high temperature is forecast to be in the low 70s*F so that's nice.


  2. We are often awake during the night. Fret ye not about this, dear girl. I know that when we went to work we felt we must sleep at night - and usually did when we were much younger - but as retired people there really is no need to feel obliged to go to sleep just because it's night time. Perhaps if we relaxed more and weren't so angry about not sleeping at night, we might sleep more easily? Just a thought. When I can't sleep, often get up, make a cup of tea, watch about 1/2 hr of News 24, read a book, read the paper, and then in about 45 minutes I'm ready to return to bed and then I usually go to sleep. If we get up later in the morning, does it really matter? The time police won't charge us, will they? I often don't emerge until gone 10 o'clock in the morning. No good if you are still going to work, but if now, relax-ay-vous as the old song used to go (as sung by Dean Martin, I think.)
    Margaret P

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