Friday, 28 July 2017

Once upon a Friday......

I put laundry in the washer last night, relieved to see the sun shining when I got up, so a quick trip into the garden to hang it out.

Decided it was time I tried to get rid of the evidence of DB not using the tray when bringing the night time mugs back to the kitchen, so vanish spray......scrub and leave, as far as I can see its done the job, have to wait a while longer before I put the dyson over it, then we will know. If it works I might use the stuff on the arms of the settee which are looking a bit grubby. I could wash the cover, but its huge and heavy when wet, you have to put it back on whilst slightly damp and stretch it, my hands protest.

DB with his first outdoor cucumber, its the first time we have grown them outdoors, typical I bought a cucumber yesterday!! I see cucumber and tomato salad on the menu!!

Forecast was for rain at lunchtime, the sky got very dark, the laundry was dry so it it came, just as it started to spot with rain, it has not lasted, but the laundry is folded ready to put away.

Stock taken out of the freezer, I have a scabby leek in the veg draw, will make leek and potato soup in the morning. We are going to DD2's for tea on Sunday; will have a bowl of soup and bread at lunch time. There is a garden open in the town, so will call in there on the way to DD2's, I also want to call at Wilkinson and get a new mop, parking is free in the town on Sunday.

No sewing yesterday, could not be bothered, so sat and watched videos on You Tube instead. Will not be doing any this afternoon either, it can wait till DB is bowling tomorrow. I want to finish it before the coffee morning at the little chapel. on Wednesday, I know E will be there and I can pass it on to her.

Fish chips and peas for supper tonight. No soft fruit so no idea what we might have for dessert if anything.

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