Saturday, 15 July 2017

Murky Day

Its a misty, murky day, very grey and quite a breeze, there was rain in the air earlier.

Late up this morning, I threw the duster and Dyson round the sitting room and kitchen floor, thats it for now. I will wash the floor next week, will have to do the Monday clean tomorrow, we will be out for most of Monday.

DB is bowling this afternoon, so about to go for his siesta, I have cut up the remains of the chenille fabric, enough to make a long narrow bag, need to over lock that and the lining. Might get is done on the other hand might not.

The countryside around us is changing, the oil seed rape has long been harvested, silage seems to be the main thing now. Corn is starting to ripen so that will be the next thing. Fields are being ploughed ready for winter wheat.

Two of our neighbours have now got pots of flowers at the front door, so the gardens are looking nice, afraid our front grass is not looking so good, it has been scarified within and inch of its life, so now we need to sow new grass seed and use cotton to stop the birds for having a good feed. The the grass of the other side will have to be done as well. 

I am undecided what to do with the piece in front of the hedge we had cut out, I am not sure if much will grow, the roots of the hedge take a lot of moisture and goodness out of the soil and its very compacted. I might lay weed suppressant down and use bark chippings on it, then stand pots on, need to think about it a bit more.

DB is concerned if our neighbour takes the laurel right out people can see into the back garden from her front.......a piece of trellis might be needed. Will have to wait and see what happens. I know she was getting someone to come and look at it.

DB gets his high tea at the bowls tonight so jacket spud, cheese and coleslaw for me.

The last tapestry bag, there was a small square of fabric left, its in the bin!! This bag is not as long as the others but slightly wider does not have the full length pockets inside, I ran out of lining fabric too.

Oh woe is me!! I went to watch the TV and it appears to have gone to the  TV graveyard in the sky. Tried everything I know....nothing. changed the fuse, nothing, checked the plug, nothing.....looks like we are needing a new TV....what to do with the old one????

DB is going to have to sit and read tonight.

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