Monday, 31 July 2017


We spent an hour and a half  waiting in the surgery this morning, I wanted DB to get his ears checked out in case he had an infection but they were clear. However as I suspected I have a urine infection, the third this year, time to get it investigated I think!! 

We met our neighbour in the surgery, when she got home she came over with some quilting stuff she had, it is the beginners favourite, hexagons made out of old duvet covers. There are quite a lot of pieces already prepped, I might think about making them into  guess what????? A bag............ I sat for an hour this afternoon and unpicked some that had been sewn together.

Made an appointment to get my hair cut next week, its getting long again, time for a couple of inches off the bottom.

We have had a couple of sharp showers, as usual the sun is shining now its too late to put laundry out.

No Monday clean done, will have to do it tomorrow, test out the new mop and deck brush.

Supper tonight cooked gammon, tomato and cucumber salad and jacket spuds, I have diced up a couple of nectarines, will put them in a meringue case with some cream for dessert.

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