Monday, 3 July 2017


Towels in the washer and out on the line, showers have been forecast for later, so hopefully they will dry before then.

DB is tootling out in the garden, the birds have eaten the white currants, so he is not happy, I did tell him to net them, but of course he didn't. He has been growing stuff long enough to know.

Monday clean done, I do find cleaning the wet room floor a chore, because we have hard water we get yellow deposits developing which you have to scrub to get off, The floor has a non slip surface so its bobbly which does not help. I really need to source a new mop that will scrub the marks off, will have to have a look round and see what I can find.

I have one part of the cushion cover to finish quilting, its not as good as I would like, its ages since I did any machine quilting and it shows, even though I do a warm up first. I am hoping to get it finished today. I phoned P. this morning and arranged to pick her up on Thursday morning to go to Aldi, so I will give it to her then. I did think about doing table mats to match, but do not want to put myself under pressure, so will think about doing them for Christmas instead. By that time she may well have managed to get the extra furniture she needs that is still at her nieces house.

School is out, the village is quiet, its the children's bible group this week, the marquee is up on the village green with the bouncy castle etc in it.

The farms are starting harvesting again after the rain. the roadsides in the village are scattered with wild flowers, there is quite a large group of lupins in one part, they have self seeded over the years. We are starting to harvest courgette and lettuce, the rhubarb has gone daft, I will pull a load and take it to the chapel coffee morning on Wednesday. Some will go in the freezer. I still have apples in there from last year and also some gooseberries and blackberries. I will have to start making desserts again to use them up before we start harvesting again. DB is picking quite a few raspberries, hopefully we will be able to make some raspberry jam as well.

The cushion is finished, It took me ages to sort out how to sew the thing down, eventually I remembered, not really keen on the buttons but the best I can do at short notice. It actually looks better with the cushion pad in.

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