Saturday, 22 July 2017

Its raining!!

We had rain overnight, I forgot to fetch the kitchen mat in last night, so it was soaking this morning.

I had a load of washing in, when the weather cleared it went out on the line and dried. the at also dried and is now back down on the floor. DB complained he had cold feet this morning when he came through to put the coffee on.

DB was out staking up tomato's and the beans, the wind had loosened the bean sticks, he then went on to do some more weeding.

I cooked the gammon joint and used the liquor to make lentil soup which we had for lunch, there is enough left for tomorrow. Strange eating soup with the the shining, but it soon changed and is now hissing down again.

I made another zipper bag, thats it for now, I am going to look at stuffed Christmas trees and also a couple of tree wall hangings.

Supper tonight, quiche, salad from the garden and jacket spuds.

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