Saturday, 1 July 2017

Its July!!

The day started off rather dull, no rain, but this afternoon the cloud cleared and now we have bright sunshine. I am cross I did not put laundry in, it would have dried.

DB did a bit in the garden, picked more raspberries which we will have for dessert. I might even get to freeze a few for jam.

Our bedside clock decided to do a woopsie, when I woke it said 10. 20, it was 8. idea what happened there.

Ished quilting the last table mat and have woven in all the ends

I used the embroidery stitches on the machine and just quilted down the joins, hence me having to darn in the ends.

I have used different stitches on the  mats. I now have to trim and bind them.

P said yesterday she was getting a second easy chair, so I decided to make her a cushion, I have a spare inner in the cupboard. I had to clean out the machine, the fluff from the tapestry bag was horrendous. I have also changed the needle. I decided the needle had done sterling work sewing through all those layers. It is at the quilting stage, have done some of it, but decided it was time I packed in for today. I picked colours that go with her room. I will post a picture when its finished.

Supper tonight, chicken with apricots in brandy, no veg we are having rice, rasps and ice cream for dessert, DB is not here for supper tomorrow night, he gets his at the bowls club.

Bread made, the house smells lovely, just baked bread, makes my tummy rumble, I have to force myself not to go and cut off the crust and slather it with butter.

Need to do a freezer aduit and sort out the shopping list for next week. I know we still have some mince and sausages left, but thats about it. A big shop needed.

Forecast is for a fine day tomorrow, so laundry in the washer, will put it on overnight so I can get it out early in the morning, hopefully it will dry. If its fine Monday I will do the towels.

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