Sunday, 9 July 2017

Happy 100th Birthday to Holwell Bowling Club

We were late getting up, I cooked bacon, egg, tomato and fried bread for breakfast. 

As we have to be at the bowls by 1.30 DB is doing his usual, I want to go to get a parking space etc, if he is not careful he will be going by himself!!

We will have a small snack in a little while and then he can get himself ready, perhaps peace will reign!!

Its a sunny morning, there is a breeze which is keeping the temperature down a bit.....hope its not too hot this afternoon, DB does not tolerate the heat too well these days, neither do I.

Update to follow later................

Back from the celebrations...... as I suspected we were there far too early, I sat reading for 3/4hr before anyone else turned up.

It was hot, there was a breeze which helped to keep the temperature down a bit.

High tea was excellent, ham, salmon, quiche, pasta salad, coleslaw and warm potato's. Fresh fruit salad and cream, cheese and biscuits, tea and coffee then birthday cake.

The speeches went on a bit, but we were home just before 7pm, the sun still blasting down, opened all the doors and windows to try and get some cool air through the place.

DB out to the garden to pick raspberries..........

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