Thursday, 6 July 2017

Haircut and shopping

DB went off to get his hair trimmed this morning, I was just setting out to pick him up when he walked round the corner!! We set off for Bottesford to collect P. We were a bit early, but she was ready, off we went to Aldi.

Not too bad a shop not as expensive as I thought, and I was very restrained, they had some fabulous clematis for £5.50, they were all pink and purple so I did not buy one!!! I wanted a white one.....

Back with P to put her shopping away, she could not get her front door undone, and when I tried the lock fell through onto the floor inside....luckily the complex manager, who had been going to a meeting, was still there, he phoned for the locksmith, but it was going to be mid afternoon before he arrived. Aware of the fact that we had milk, butter cream etc in the boot, we left her in the capable hands of the manager and came home. She was quite happy to be left and we said we will ring later today and make sure she is back in the flat ok.

Its turned very warm again, 70c in the shade, I have the front windows and the back door open to try and get a through draught....

Its too hot to sew, I am going to read on the settee in the cool..........


  1. How nice you and DB gave P a ride to Aldi and that the apt. manager was there when the lock for her door fell apart!

    One question about your Aldi stores. The new Aldi not far from us requires a 25 cent deposit on shopping carts, is set up like a warehouse, and customers must bag their own groceries. Is it like that in your Aldi stores?

    Also, I learned that to get from Celsius to Fahrenheit, you double the C. number and add 30. Did you mean to write 70*F rather than C.? Our forecast is for a high of 90*F today. Yuck!

    I've unpacked two boxes of fabrics so that's good progress for today. Next up is to decide on a place where my box full of batiks can be put.


  2. It is really hot and heavy here, no sign of the rain, Ben is flat out on the floor of the utility room, the coolest spot in the house.

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  4. I hope P got her lock fixed and all is well again. It's cold here, too hot there! So funny.


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