Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Cooler Day

but still a bit on the muggy side. The sun is threatening to break through, it could be very hot after lunch, then we are forecast heavy rain and thunderstorms........we need the rain, I can do without the thunder thank you!!

Not a good night, DB could not settle, he was too hot, although the bedroom was cool. We were drinking tea at 2am.

He has been out in the garden, the big bag of chippings has been emptied, we are going to use it to store stuff in when we empty the shed next month.

Some financial moving about done, I am trying to get things so I do not have to go into our overdraft at the beginning of each month, not easy as most of the bills come out on the first. Thankfully our account has a fee free O/D which is a great help at times.

I put the fabric I cannot use on freecycle yesterday, it has been collected this morning by a school teacher, so the huge bag has disappeared from the hall. I have a stack I need to find a home for though. I did start another bag yesterday, some pretty silk curtain fabric, will just make a smallish bag, no outer pocket but several inside.

We are off to the dump with the old TV, after DB has his siesta, will then call and see P in Bottesford, I have some new spuds and climbing beans for her from the garden.

DB is getting to grips with the new TV, he could not understand that he no longer has to switch the sat box on, the TV comes up on its own, the box just needs setting if we want to record a programme to watch later.

Bread made yesterday so cheese and pickle sandwiches for lunch. I have done the veg for tonight, chicken and bacon pot pies.

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