Monday, 10 July 2017

Busy Monday

Up, not quite with the lark, but stripped the bed and sheets etc in the washer, hung out and dry, waiting ironing, maybe tomorrow.

I got DB to help me turn the mattress, we took off the electric blanket, its in the cupboard till next winter. Also took off the mattress topper, shoved it in the washer and its on the line, hopefully it will dry, it will have to go back on the bed tomorrow.

Whilst I had everything off the bed I used the hand held Dyson to hoover the mattress, very little came off it, so guess the topper had 'collected' everything.

I steam cleaned the wet room and toilet floor, so extra Monday clean done.

Phone call from our neighbour asking us to attend the funeral next Monday, her son from South Africa is due to arrive this afternoon, so he will be here for 3 weeks, time to sort through some of the things that need sorting. I know P was a hoarder.......

Managed to sew the binding down on another 2 mats, just one to go tomorrow.

It was quite warm and sunny this morning, but there is a change coming, the breeze has got up and its cooler. We had a few spots of rain earlier, but it did not come to anything.

DB spent the morning scarifying the front lawn and cutting it. We need to get some feed and weed for it then sow some new lawn seed on the bald patches. He has his annual MOT this afternoon at the Drs.

The lavatera in the back has gone mad.......I will have to cut it back a bit, the washing on the line catches on it.

Chicken and salad for supper tonight, stewed rhubarb for dessert with some left over cream.

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