Saturday, 8 July 2017

Another scorcher

According to the forecast we are due another scorching day today. I am glad DB is not bowling this afternoon. I am hoping it will be a bit cooler tomorrow when we go to DB's old bowls club for their 100th birthday celebrations. Its sunny but just now there is a breeze which is very pleasant.

I decided to cook the chicken this morning whilst the kitchen is in the shade,as we are out for high tea/supper tomorrow we are having our Sunday supper tonight.

More pictures of the garden, the veg garden this time, it looks like we may have a boiling of beans later in the week, two small courgettes have already found their way into the fridge. We like them raw in salad.

This is a cucumber, we have never grown them outside before.

We should be ok for tomato's too.

Plenty of flowers on the climbing beans.

These are drying beans, I have just used up the ones from the last time we grew them 2 years ago, these are from seed we saved.

The Braeburn apple tree, not sure if there will be another drop or not. It is actually a patio tree, but we planted it in the ground so it gets the sun to ripen the fruit.

The sweetcorn are just starting to shoot up, they are always slow to get going but then grown alarmingly fast.

I have booked 5 nights in a B & B in Cornwall, we both wanted to go to The Lost Gardens of Heligan, so we are off next May. Travel to just outside Bristol and stay overnight. Down to St Martins near Looe for 5 nights, then back via an overnight stop at Bristol again. We could do the journey in the day, but personally I just do not want to push it. We can always stop off somewhere for a visit if we want to.

Pulled more rhubarb, its cooked and cooled, as is the chicken, veg all prepped just have to cook it.

I have cut out the body for another bag, just now I am doing my 'one s day' sewing the binding down on a table mat. May not get one done tomorrow, depends how tired I am when we get back from the bowls.

It has not turned out as hot as I thought it would, just pleasant, a nice breeze wafting through the house.


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