Monday, 17 July 2017

A Day to say Goodbye

A lousy nights sleep, it was 3.30 the last time I looked at the clock, will be crackered later.

Its a lovely sunny morning, there is a slight breeze. I put a load in the washer last night, its dancing on the line, it should dry.

We just had cereal at breakfast time, I am going to make bacon sandwiches a bit later, it will be 2.30 at least by the time we get back from Grantham. DB has moved the car out onto the road from the cul de sac so there is room in the car park for extra cars. At least its a nice sunny day..........I am still in a bit of a quandary about what to will be resolved shortly.

Up date.....

Eventually grey trousers and a white top were decided on.....It has been a glorious day for a funeral, the sun is blisteringly hot, the crematorium was quite cool, but when we came out the heat hit us. A funeral service is never a happy time but the sun made it a bit better.

A lovely service, our local pastor gave a lovely talk, his message was one of love love between P & B and the love P had for his children. The chapel was full and there was a guard of honour from his pals in the REME social group that he and B belonged to.

The reception at the little chapel was excellent, lots of food including a superb strawberry trifle, scones and cream and three different types of cake, victoria sponge, chocolate cake and coffee cake.

We came home with a doggie bag each, we will not need any supper tonight, might just have one of the cupcakes each later.

B's daughter is here until Thursday, she flies back early Friday morning, K is here until 3rd August, so he will be with his Mum, once he flies back to South Africa it will be time for the neighbours to take up the slack.

Tomorrow is another day.............

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