Tuesday, 27 June 2017


It has been a much duller day, we still have the breeze and there have been a couple of rain showers, not much though, hardly wet the ground.

DB was in the garden this morning, he made up some of the stinky comfrey feed and watered all the veg and some of the plants in the border. I knew when he came into the house he had been at the comfrey it really does hink, but it makes a good feed for plants.

I did the ironing from yesterday and then continued with 'The Bag'

Its finished...boy was it hard to sew, the fabric is heavy taperstry, it has a pocked on the front, lined with three pockets inside and a squared bottom. I need to make a covered piece to fit in the borrom, need to look for a stout piece of cardboard.

There is more tapestry fabric in the bags I was given, but will not be doing another bag for a while, there is some lighter curtain samples, going to look at those to maybe make a patchwork sewing bag or some such, depends what I find.

Stovies for supper...raspberries for dessert.

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