Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The sun is back

thanks to a breeze it is not as hot as it has been. We were forecast thunder storms but they have not arrived.

DB is bowling this afternoon, so a light lunch, he will have a siesta before he gets changes. I have given him 2 flasks of water with ice cubes in.

A small load of washing done this morning, just to keep things in check. Its almost dry and ready to be folded and put away.

We spent yesterday afternoon reading, and generally feeling cooler. DB said he enjoyed his day, low key as it was.......

A cooler night to sleep too so better quality of sleep........

I have the binding ready to put on the tree skirt, I will see how I feel may sew it on whilst DB is out.

Wilkinson have phoned the sprayer is in so sw will go and collect it tomorrow, DB phoned the council this morning, we are still waiting for them to come out and look at the garden to see about the shed. 

C came last night and cut back some of the laurel, she is coming at the weekend to cut it back further with the heavy duty loppers, its amazing how much more room there is in the bed already.......once its cut back there will be plenty of room for the small hut at the side of the back bedroom window, without it affecting the light. We need to empty and move it.

No news re our neighbour, B was going in to see him today, a friend taking her and bringing her home. I hope its not going to be too long for her sake.

I down loaded a scan app yesterday and have scanned a load of photographs onto the computer, I will eventually put them on the hard drive for safe keeping, found lots of photos of quilting things I made in the past and also holidays in France when we were looking at going to live there. also some the grandchildren will not be pleased if I publish!!

We are still picking a few strawberries, DB found mrs blackbird stealing this morning, so he has taken the net off the small bed, so its easier to get at the few that are left and she will not get herself tangled in the net.

Supper tonight, the prok pie from yesterday with salad and strawberries to follow.

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