Sunday, 4 June 2017


Once again we woke up to the horrifying news of a further attack on London. It no longer makes me sad but very angry. The people who do these things are truly evil. I am saying nothing more, my blog would get shut down!!

We did have a nice time at the tea yesterday. 4 courses with wine or soft drinks and tea or coffee with mints to end. The quiz was good, and the tombola interesting. DB got a 7 day pill box, me? A large jar of Vick!! Hey ho, it will keep DB going through the winter.

Out in the garden this morning. I have planted up the geraniums, cleared out the compost bin and filled it with fresh compost, also swept the paths.

I went over to see our neighbour, P was not too clever yesterday, so they did not stay too long, however he was better this morning. She has gone in today for a couple of hours. They are hoping to get him home on Wednesday.

Lunch was some of the left overs from yesterdays tea. They always pack it up in containers and ask people to take stuff away with them. We took two small containers, so had one for lunch today.

Supper is prepped, roast pork with all the trimmings, strawberries from the garden for dessert with some cream.....yum yum.

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