Sunday, 11 June 2017

Still windy

The sun streaming in through the window woke me this morning. I read until DB woke up just after 8am and we had our usual fruit, croissant and coffee breakfast.

DB rang his sister to wish her happy 80th birthday. They have a full house, we were very happy that we were not invited to go up for the celebrations. We realised long ago, that by contacting DB,SIL had salved her guilty conscience, but we are not 'her family' they pass by on the road down to Cambridge and back, but have only been in once. Thats ok........ I can cope with that. I do feel sorry for DB at times, SIL was the favourite, went to private school and developed a very snooty attitude, it continues to this day.

DB is out in the garden, the wind continues to blow despite the forecasters keep saying that the wind will drop, the sky is blue grey, although its not supposed to rain, we will see. I need to look at the forecast for tomorrow, its bed change day and I need to be able to dry the laundry outside.

Looking at the weeds around the back of the shed, we have decided to spray with roundup twice a year, we may well put ground cover fabric down and use bark on it, we can store pots etc there when they are not in use. We did have a pump sprayer, but DB tells me we sold it some years ago when we no longer had a garden. I need to look at pricing one up. Its better than using a watering can.

No plans for today, roast shoulder of lamb etc for supper tonight, hopefully enough strawberries for dessert, there are still a lot to come.

Bowlful just brought in, DB says there are a lot more to come. Its been a very good year for strawberries.

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