Friday, 9 June 2017

So thats that

now we know and we will have to put up with the consequences and thats all I am saying on the subject.

I slept in, so DB brought me my breakfast, its a fine morning, still a breeze and it keeps clouding over.

I should be doing the Friday clean, but just cannot be bothered, it can stay mucky.

We had a serious altercation yesterday in the car on the way back from looking at the sheds. We have had to have a serious talk about DB driving and me navigating.......I want him to think seriously about giving up his license, he is too easily confused especially when we get to roundabouts. He is out in the garden just now. I need to talk to the Dr, I think he is showing signs of dementia which his mother had.

I took some photos in the garden this morning.....

Tub I planted last week

The ivy has been in the kitchen for 2 years, decided it was time to plant it out.

Fuchsias and geraniums at the side of the coal shed. There is also a foxglove I have potted on to get a bit bigger before it goes into the garden.

I think this is Clematis Niobe

Clematis Comtesse de Bouchard.

Red poppies, the blowsy pink ones have apparently died off, they did not come through this year.

The lavender at the side of the front path has come out two different colours although the cuttings all came from the same plants, weird........we have a fab border one side, the other side is pathetic..........

Left hand side of the path, looks great, a decent crop of lavender

Right hand side, this is the side where we have had trouble growing the lavender, we have put down black plastic and are planting through the plastic into compost, but it is never going to be as good at the other side. Still raising cuttings which hopefully will take and not die off.

Fox gloves and antirrhinums, neither of these have been planted by us, they are self setters.

Fish, chips and peas tonight for supper, DB has picked two pots of strawberries, so dessert sorted.

I need to go through the two bags of fabric that I have been given, I might be able to do something with some of it, will have to see. There is some very heavy tapestry fabric, not really enough to do a lot with but will see. I have the table runner to quilt and bind, so will get on with that this afternoon whilst DB has his siesta.

P came home yesterday. I will go over later, he has been taken for a hospital appointment this morning. I think they have knocked back the idea of someone sleeping in, there did not appear to be anyone there last night. I am concerned that B is going to wear herself out very quickly trying to look after him herself and not getting a decent nights sleep.


  1. Hard to talk someone into not driving any more, hope your doctor can help.

    1. DB is 84 in a couple of weeks and his reactions are slower as is his concentration, I think I am justified in asking him to think about giving up driving. It means more driving for me, but as long as I am able I will do it.

    2. You are right to voice your concerns, as mostly you will be alone in the car with him and can monitor his reactions. I always think that being driven is a touchy point with men it was with my late husband. X

  2. Your garden and plants are simply beautiful.

  3. What lovely garden photos! You and DB certainly have green thumbs. Hope you can coax the lavender on the right side of the walkway to catch up with the lavender on the left! Nature doesn't always cooperate with symmetry in planting, does it?

    Hope all is well with DB but you're wise to bring things to the attention of the doctor since its sometimes worrisome due to his family's medical history.

    Perhaps those cotton scraps can be used for a scrappy Rail Fence quilt or another French Braid quilt of any size or shape you choose?

    Am about to sew up the green strips I cut yesterday.


  4. Your garden is looking beautiful Anne - My Mom and Dad are reluctant to sell up and move closer to me as we live in an area where it is all fast roads and islands so know how frustrating dealing with them can be.....I hate those islands where there is more than 3 lanes - there's one by the NEC with 5 lanes....I know I once went right round it twice! xx

  5. DB is lucky to have you looking out for him. If it's time to give up the license, it's time. I'm not yet at the stage of giving up any of my independence but no doubt one day I will be and I will try to be gracious about it. I know my family care about me and that is the approach I will accept. Yes, let the doctor know about your concerns. My father has not done that for my mother and he has done her a great disservice AFAIC. It's unforgivable really, the way he has let her decline both mentally and physically.

    Your garden looks lovely, you guys work so hard. Take care of yourselves!


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