Sunday, 18 June 2017


It was already 70 this morning when we got up, I opened the door to the sitting room and thought the fire was lit, the heat just can rushing towards me.

We went into town, there is a fun day on in the centre and the roads are closed. We went into Lidl, people were flinging stuff in their basket like there was no tomorrow. I looked at the strawberries they were £1.70 a punnet 500gms, so I think we have picked over £20's worth and there are still more to come. I have just put another pound in the freezer for jam.

Called to see DD2, she has started clearing the kitchen ready to get her new units put in, they were over at Ikea sorting out the units she goodness it looks so much better already.

We had coffee and oatcake biscuits, so did not want anything to eat when we got home, DB went straight for his siesta, I have been sitting in the sitting room reading with the fan full on. Not sure if I am going to cook the chicken will see what DB says, its really too hot for a roast dinner, but it has to be cooked sometime.

Now I am going to upset some people who comment anonymously, I am banning anonymous comments from my blog for a while whilst I try and get rid of some really annoying comments which are really bugging me. They are from people not interested in my blog just posting stupid things. I am sorry, but its either ban anon comments or start another new blog, which I really do not want to do.


  1. Sad about having to ban some folks, but I understand about the strange comments we all get from time to time.
    It was 78º when we got up this morning and will probably be in the 90's today.

  2. Sorry you are receiving negative comments, some people just love annoying someone, don't they. Sounds as if you have had a great harvest with your strawberries, the pick your own fields are just starting here. Hot, you think you are hot, yesterday it felt like 41*C today it is suppose to feel like 44*C, that reading calculates the temp and the humidity. I don't cook on these day either. Keep cool. I don't have a blog anymore, had so many problems I just forgot all about it. Love reading your even though I don't always comment. Patricia

  3. Do you have a spam filter on your comments? I get some which are obviously from a robot, which is another check.

  4. If I were you I would ban all anonymous posts permanently. Your peace of mind is worth more than their hateful remarks.
    There is something wrong with people who remain anonymous.

    We are a sad household. Our little Scottish terrier, Sweet Olive, was euthanized Friday due to having advanced cancer. She was barely 8 years old. Our other Scottie, Dottie, is taking it very hard, too.

    It is quite hot here, too. Your strawberries sound so luscious. I wish we had planted them this year but we have too much on our plate to add another gardening chore.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  5. We have had a very warm and dry start to summer here in South Dakota, USA. It is becoming a drought situation for our local farmers and ranchers. My family taught us, while growing up, that it is rude to be anonymous...if you say it or write it, you must claim it. If you don't want to claim it, it's the same as lying and should be ignored. If your commenters can't claim it, just block them!


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