Thursday, 29 June 2017


Yes, its still raining, I am not complaining but DB is......he cannot get out into the garden, it is forecast to clear, but we know hoe good the forecasting is don't we???

I am not bothered about the rain, we need it so badly.

I spent yesterday afternoon layering up the delectable mountain mats I made, have quilted two of them using embroidery stitches on the machine, I darned in 72 thread ends last night, do not want them coming undone. I hope to get a couple more done today, will see how it goes. I had forgotten I had made the mats, so the grandmothers fan ones are on hold. I might not make them after all but go on the do the christmas tree hangings.

The tablet I ordered for DB will be delivered this morning, something else I will have to grapple with to set it up. It will be easier for him to manage then the digital reader on his lap top.

We will both get new books from the library van when it comes on Monday, but they rarely last us the full month and the choice is very limited. DB asked me to look for Quintin Jardine books, two he has not read. They were not available through the library, I ended up buying second hand copies for him, he will pay for them from his pocket money. We both enjoy the books about Bob Skinner, not sure if QJ will write any more now BS has retired.

Two more mats quilted and the ends darned in, I have one to go. Sorted out the mess on the bed in the sewing room, all the fabric has been put away, I have also moved things around a bit and now have all my threads close to my machine, I can reach them from my chair.

DB's tablet arrived and I have partially set it up, I have to find out how to change the time from Mexico to UK. He has loaded two books to read and also the forty thieves game he likes to play.

B has gone in to see P apparently he has had a fall, he was going for an XRay on his leg this morning. 

Supper bacon fritatta with new potato's, green beans and sweetcorn. No rasps DB has not been out to pick today, maybe tomorrow.


  1. I do think you are so kind.. I wish someone would step in when I get something new and I just ignore what time is on!!!

  2. Todays comment from Barbara....

    Here is my comment for today:

    Well done in making the most of a rainy day by getting some sewing done on your projects, relocating your threads, and tidying up your sewing room! I hope you'll post photos of the Delectable Mountain mats when you've finished them. Your mention of darning in the ends interests me as I simply back-stitch at the fabric edge where it will be covered by the binding. Do the embroidery stitches require this?

    Can DB keep himself happy perusing seed and bulb catalogs with thoughts of autumn planting?

    Wishing you well in getting DB's new tablet set up and getting the time zone set!

    I hope B is getting enough rest as she has so much to deal with.

    This arvo I hope to get more done in the sewing room as I am eager to unpack the boxes containing the floral fabrics and get them on their new shelves.



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